Boulder CO has always been a popular destination. It is one of the most picturesque cities in the state of Colorado. If you have been wanting to plan a trip to Boulder, you might be wondering what all there is to do there. When it comes to your next travel vacation, you want a heads up. Let’s take a look at some of the top things to do in Boulder CO.

The Flatirons is ranked #1 when it comes to attractions in the city of Boulder. Prepare for a hike, and prepare for beautiful views. It’s a short hike along the Mesa Trail, but you can also take some of the other trails in the area and extend this adventure. Reviews mention that some of the trails can be crowded and others not as much. Be sure to check out the Royal Arch.

When planning a vacation, as mentioned it is always nice to get a heads up about what you want to do. Sometimes it is easy to pick and choose, and other times you really have to get familiar with a new place to know what to expect. When going to Boulder, Colorado, another popular attraction to visit is Eldorado Canyon. While there, you can get a great view of the Continental Divide and also visit Rattlesnake Gulch. There is a public pool to enjoy according to reviews, and I noticed a beautiful picture of a waterfall there, too.

It is not easy to do Boulder justice by describing its beauty. When you look at reviews and see the excitement of the travelers over and over, however, that says quite a lot. It is a nature filled vacation, so you have to be ready to experience the outdoors and the beauty of creation.

There are also places of interest in Boulder like Avery Brewing Company. As you plan this special travel vacation, think about what all you want to do. Perhaps you would also like to see more than just Boulder. You could spend a few days there, a few days in Denver and perhaps even head up to Salida and Monarch Mountain to go skiing and snowboarding. I have been snowboarding at Monarch Mountain, and I stayed at the lodge on the mountain. You talk about an experience that seemed like it was straight from a movie.

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